Sales training:


In terms of new customer contact, one of the most important factors is the salesperson’s ability and skill to create a positive and open atmosphere with the customer from the very first moment.

The initial warm-up supports the creation of trust with the seller and opens the possibility for an open and confidential exchange of information between the seller and the customer (fact-finding).


The training goes through the important steps through which a careful and considerate sales professional meets the customer and guides the customer towards mutually satisfying decision-making.

The training is modified to suit the company’s services and operating methods.

Without an open exchange of information, the sales person cannot progress in his sales work, because he does not get the information he needs from the customer about development needs and the current situation. Without information, the seller often falls into assuming things. A carefully performed initial warm-up has a decisive influence on the outcome of the sales discussion, and gives the sales person the opportunity to move forward.


Mission: How to stand out from the crowd?

  • First contact, customer reception and introduction
  • First impression and creating a positive atmosphere
  • Creating a positive service atmosphere
  • The skill of active listening, questioning technique
  • Customer situation survey
  • Creating the agenda for the meeting and introductions (my introduction, the company’s activities and its introduction)
  • Finding out the customer’s knowledge, experiences, purchasing behavior and decision-making methods
  • Giving and accepting a service promise